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Real-time twitter map device

The project

The objective of the project is to create a small installation based on an interactive world map where you can view the tweets related to one or various subjects in real time, coded by colors and geographically located by continents.

Specifically, we are building a device that reads all the tweets related to “Raspberry Pi” and “Arduino” in real-time, get the location of those tweets and show them on the back-light  world map model with a color coding (red color for Raspberry Pi and blue color for Arduino).

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Acceder remotamente a un dispositivo no accesible: túnel SSH inverso

Aunque este ejemplo esta pensado para Raspberry Pi, tiene un uso genérico para poder conectar remotamente de manera sencilla con cualquier dispositivo con un servidor de ssh ubicado en una red privada, o detrás de un cortafuegos que nos impida un acceso normal a el.


Disponemos de un dispositivo el cual, aunque dispone de conexión a Internet, no es es accesible desde el exterior, no tenemos el control de la configuración de la red, pero necesitamos poder acceder a el remotamente.

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Maker Faire Barcelona 2017

Let’s reveal the inventor, creator, engineer, innovative craftsman that lives inside of you! Let’s share experiences with others and get closer to the latest technologies and maker initiatives.

If you are a Maker, we have an appointment on 17th – 18th June at Barcelona Maker Faire 2017 (Fira Barcelona Montjuic, Pavellò Italià). Save the date and come with your family and your friends!

Barcelona Marker Faire hosts the most inspired, talented and ambitious makers, enthusiastic to share all their knowledge and creativity through exhibitions, workshops, and interactive demos.

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LifeBox, pixelic life inside a Raspberry Pi

Inside the LifeBox live two pixelic entities, the blue and yellow species. This two species compete to survive, reproduce and feed on the white mana that grows under his feet.
Each species has eight configurable variables that can change their behavior.
The white mana also has five parameters that determine their behavior and also rules the future of the two species that feeds.
Learn the basic concepts of programming and biology being the god of these entities, changing all the parameters and seeing the consequences of your actions in the LifeBox!

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