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The robotic cocktail machine. Part I: Testing the components

Hi everybody! Moises Morató and I are starting to build a robotic cocktail machine. We already know that there are a lot of amazing projects about cocktail machines on the net, but we decided to build our own cocktail machine design, only for fun.

Actually, our first goal is about building a very basic prototype to check all the components. We decided to do an iteration based project, improving the cocktail machine until we will be satifsfied with the results, and because of that, this is not a regular ‘how to’ post. We will write meanwhile we are doing it, and we encourage you to help us with your ideas and suggestions, and maybe, if you like it, you can build your own cocktail machine simultaneusly.

cocktail machine schematics (first iteration)
cocktail machine schematics (first iteration)

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How to build a subjective camera robot car with Raspberry Pi & Arduino


The idea behind this project is howt build a web-based (mobile devices enabled) wireless remote controlled robot with subjective camera from scratch with Raspberry Pi & Arduino. We will use Raspberry Pi for camera, WiFi and user interface and Arduino to control servos, sensors and motors. The comunication between Raspberry Pi and Arduino will be done via GPIO serial TX/RX (/dev/ttyAMA0).

Car robot with PiCam. Prespective.
Car robot with PiCam. Prespective.

What do we need to build the robot?

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Make it!

Make it! Prototyping learning board Kit

Why this kit?

As you may know, there are many electronics/robotics starter kits based on Arduino with similar characteristics and prices so the question here is:Why should I buy this kit and not any other? In order to answer this question we must focus on two points: the hardware and the software:

  • Hardware: the Make it! Pro kit includes the exclusive S4A prototyping board. The S4A board incorporates a lot of interfaces and input/output connectors that will allow you to prototype and create many projects without using cables and breadboards. Breadboards and wiring are known to be very annoying for people who are starting in the maker world, but with the S4A prototyping board you can almost get rid of them.
  • Software: the Make it! Pro kit and the S4A prototyping board is fully integrated with Scratch for Arduino software based on the acclaimed and renowned Scratch software developed at MIT. The use of Scratch for Arduino software offers the possibily of creating projects very easily without previous programming knowledge by using a ‘Scratch-style’ blocks system. It also allows people to build their own projects without prior technical knowledge.

Our team has created this kit for those -adults and children- who start learning about electronics, robotics and microcontrollers. The educational approach is our main target and that is the reason why the Make it! Pro kit and the S4A prototyping board is already being used in different middle schools, high schools and vocational education centers.

Check our crowdfunding campaign at indiegogo.

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