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The robotic cocktail machine. Part I: Testing the components

Hi everybody! Moises Morató and I are starting to build a robotic cocktail machine. We already know that there are a lot of amazing projects about cocktail machines on the net, but we decided to build our own cocktail machine design, only for fun.

Actually, our first goal is about building a very basic prototype to check all the components. We decided to do an iteration based project, improving the cocktail machine until we will be satifsfied with the results, and because of that, this is not a regular ‘how to’ post. We will write meanwhile we are doing it, and we encourage you to help us with your ideas and suggestions, and maybe, if you like it, you can build your own cocktail machine simultaneusly.

cocktail machine schematics (first iteration)
cocktail machine schematics (first iteration)

In the first iteration we will build a very basic cocktail machine using only two pumps and a basic structure, the component list is:

  • Any Arduino
  • 2 x 12V peristaltic pumps (
  • 1 AC/DC 220V-12V adapter
  • 2 x Relays
  • 1 DC/DC converter step down module 12V-5V (
  • Silicone tube
  • 1 Switch
  • Wires
  • Wood, nuts, screws, etc… to build the structure

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To do a very basic test, we will connect one peristaltic pump to the 12V adapter, put two silicone tubes on the pump, take two glasses of water and try to move the liquid from one glass to the other.



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