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The robotic cocktail machine. Part II: Structure and basic electronics

Now its time to build the structure of the prototype. We will use the design we created with Moises Morató, adapted to the 50cmx30cm laser cutter we have in MADE, and using 4cm thick wood sheets.

Cocktail machine wood design dxf file
Cocktail machine wood design dxf


The electronics are very basic at the moment, only a AC/DC converter to 220V to 12V and a switch to test the two pumps (I’m using a DC/DC converter and a two relays to test the Arduino also, but has no actual functionality now)

Cocktail machine electronics
Cocktail machine electronics


You can check the final result of this first aproach to the cocktail machine 🙂

Next step: Use two more pumps, use Arduino to control the pump’s flow and make our first real cocktail!

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